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Tri-Tone is a collaborative project between illetante and Sun Night Editions. We first met with Drew and Yoni at Sun Night in early 2020 to conceptualize how we could best accomplish what started out as a ‘large, screen printed zine.’ Thanks to their tremendous effort, we were able to develop this idea further and succeed in bringing it to life. The resulting edition evolved into something that is as much a book object as a series of loose prints. We find that it effectively combines our mutual interests and dovetails the three disciplines at play: bookmaking, printmaking, and photography.

The photos featured were all made in San Francisco by Adrian Martinez, Austin Leong, and Connor Sacks. The name of the project is a tongue-in-cheek nod to our slightly different yet similar photo practices.

Each of these copies is unique and completely handmade in a very limited run.

*Shipments go out once a week, usually on Mondays*

First Edition of 50, © 2020
Printed in Oakland by Sun Night Editions
Signed and numbered by artists

Cover Dimensions: 12.25" x 8.5"
Production Specs: Single color screen print on 80 lb. paper